Thanks for visiting Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire Wasp Treatment* £49.50

If you need help with a Wasp problem you have come to the right place.

Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire Wasp Treatment offer a complete solution to your wasp problem.

With an expansive group of master professionals throughout the Manchester Stockport and Cheshire region we can help you 7 DAYS A WEEK and are more often than not able to treat your wasp issues within the same day.

Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire Wasp Control have the knowledge and expertise to manage infestations of any size or scale.

Our expert technicians have treated many wasp infestations in a wide range of properties, including houses, gardens, apartment buildings, factories.

If you think you have a Wasp problem why not give on of our specialists a call today 0161 434 9939 and and arrange a visit at a time to suit you.

Throughout the summer wasps and hornets become the UK’s number one nuisance. Their notorious sting and large population often makes extermination the only option.

At Manchester Pest Control we charge a flat cost of £49.50 for extermination of wasp’s and hornet’s nests, irrespective of its location.

There are no hidden charges, and if we find other nests during extermination we can treat them for a reduced cost of £10.00. All our work is guaranteed and payment is on completion of treatment. We operate 7 days a week, so don’t be afraid to give us a call on weekends.

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