Wasp nest treatment prices in Manchester Stockport & Cheshire

wasps control

Wasps are a pain enough to worry about getting the right person to do the job. We are committed to fair pricing and best practise pest control for our customers. We aim to keep charges to a minimum, offering some of the best prices around Manchester with a same day call out.

We charge a fixed fee of £45.00 to treat any wasp or hornet nest, irrespective of its location. We can remove any further nests found on that day for a discounted £10.00
We work evening and weekends to suit our clients’ needs, but avoid early morning work as wasps and hornets are not active during this time of day.
There are no extra VAT charges or survey costs, and we definitely do not charge more for climbing a ladder.

Before making a callout it is crucial to correctly identify the species. Do call us for assistance or send us photos via text messages of the infesting insect.

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